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What is a PUSH Goal?

Your Push Goal isn't necessarily the goal that's most important to you, but it IS the one that makes the others possible. It's like a domino effect. Achieving that one goal will help you "push through" the others. 

So, take a look at your list. Evaluate each of your goals one at a time. Decide how many other goals that one goal would make possible if it were achieved. This is your Push Goal, and this is where you need to focus your attention. You'll be amazed by how quickly you knock the other goals off your list when you focus on your Push Goal first. 

The easiest way to understand this process is by watching this quickie video.

A Push Goal is the one goal that if achieved will make all (or most) of the others possible.  Let’s say you made a list of 10 goals for the next 90 days (in fact, I recommend making a list of 10).  Looking at that list, what do the majority of those goals require to accomplish them? You’ll find that most require either more time, money, discipline or skills. Once you figure out what you need most, you can set ONE goal that will help you create more of what you need to achieve all of those goals. This goal will be your PUSH Goal.

Work Smarter. Not Harder

When you focus on the right things in the right order, everything falls into place.

Real World Push Goal Examples


How To Create A Push Goal

When setting goals, oftentimes, people can easily create a list of things they want to accomplish, but they struggle figuring out where to start. If you randomly select one goal at a time to check off your list, you'll likely lose motivation and won't reach all of the goals you set. However, there's a secret to making big things happen and checking everything off your list - it's called a PUSH Goal. 

In working with ambitious people over the years, here's what I've found... After making their list, most people can't decide where to start; so, they choose to tackle the easiest goal first.

Unfortunately, the easiest goal typically has the least rewarding outcome. Because the reward is small, many people lose their mojo and modification to tackle the rest of their list. 

But there's good news! You can create ONE goal that will make all the others possible. I realized that by focusing on their PUSH Goal first, people can check off ALL of the goals on their list. 

Why Create A PUSH Goal?